Have You Been Scammed By Winbitx? We Can Get Your Money Back

If you have lost your hard-earned money with Winbitx, you don’t have to worry. You are not the first to fall victim and will probably not be the last. Even the most cautious investors make mistakes. You should see this as an opportunity to learn. Have you been scammed by Winbitx? Help is available. The […]

Have You Been Scammed by Mex? We Can Get Your Money Back

The number of forex scams on the internet is staggering. As the forex market gradually becomes regulated, there are lots of unscrupulous brokers that are interested in stealing people’s hard-earned money. When you’re interested in trading forex, ensure you identify brokers that are not only reliable but also viable. To sort out reputable brokers from […]

Have You Been Scammed By MaxCFD? We Can Get Your Money Back

Have you been scammed by MaxCFD? You have a good chance of getting your funds back. Different unregulated brokers like MaxCFD are on the loose and are going about scamming people. Global Assets Recovery helps victims of scam brokers get their hard-earned money back from these scammers. If you have done a transaction with MaxCFD […]

Have You Been Scammed By ApolloFinances? We Can Get Your Money Back

ApolloFinances is a fraudulent Forex broker. According to FCA, ApolloFinances is unauthorized. If anyone asks you to use their services, don’t do so for the sake of your money. The platform claims it has the best trading services for its clients, but that’s not true. ApolloFinances claims it has advanced trading tools that can help […]

Got Scammed by Bridgefund? We Can Get Your Money Back

If you have been scammed by Bridgefund, then you have a good chance of getting your money back. There are many unregulated brokers like Bridgefund that have scammed people. Global Assets Refund helps victims of fraudulent brokers to get back their lost funds. We do not recommend trading with Bridgefund since they have been suspected […]

How To Get Bitcoin Back From A Scammer

If you’re looking for how to get your Bitcoin back from a scammer, you’re in the right place. Bitcoin is considered to be secure. However, some unforeseen circumstances may occur. Even pro traders have lost their cryptos or had them stolen. Until recently, it felt as if there was little or nothing anyone could do […]

Stock Market Scams: How To Avoid Stock Market Scams In 2021

It is easy to stay safe from stock market scams. As long as you trade stocks via the trusted and respected brokerage that you got through your research, you will not be prone to be duped by risky stock market scammers. You can avoid most stock market scams by adhering to these three rules: Ignore […]

Romance Fraud Scams: 4 Signs You Should Pay Attention To

Lots of people now use dating apps and social networking websites to find love. But instead of finding love, they end up in the arms of scammers that lure them into sending money. Online dating and social media platforms have become very popular tools for finding friendship and love. Unfortunately, they are also popular tools […]

How To Avoid Online Romance Scams

Online romance scams occur when victims are lured into dubious relationships by scammers that steal their personal information or money. These forms of scams are usually done by criminals that use fake profiles online. In this article, we will take a look at how you can protect yourself from online romance scams. Who Is A […]

How To Protect Yourself From Online Dating Scammers

More people keep looking for love on the internet. Most people between the ages of 50 and 64 years use online dating services. Apart from these people, scammers are also lurking around online dating platforms, looking for who to dupe. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about 15,000 people lost more than $230 million in […]