Case Enquiry form

Case Enquiry form

To submit a case enquiry to Global Assets Refund please use the form below.

Your enquiry will be passed to a specialist Case Officer who will review the information you provide. In most scenarios your Case Officer will conduct a phone call with you to clarify information, objectives and costs.

Should you wish to proceed with your investigation contracts will be exchanged to ensure that we work in accordance with your instructions and do so with the highest degree of confidentiality. In complex cases we will meet you face-to-face prior to investigation. Our resources enable us to travel globally for such meetings.

Contact Details

Global Assets Refund LLC.
Unit 13 Stapleford Estate, Saxby Road, Melton Mowbray Leicestershire LE14 2SB
United Kingdom

+442 032 395690

Nature of Investigation
Please provide clear instructions on the nature of your investigation. Include as much detail as possible and provide focus on specific areas you wish to be investigated. This should include details of individuals, corporate entities and their last known locations. Please call us should you have any questions.
Non Disclosure