Got Scammed By HenginFX? We Can Get Your Money Back

The forex market is the largest trading market in the world and has about $5 trillion traded every day. The market opens 24 hours a day; when the trading closes in New York, it starts in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Currencies are traded in the forex market in pairs. For instance, the US Dollars can […]

How Investigators Can Help Victims of Online Romance Scams

Online romance scams are forms of fraudulent acts that can lead to crime, identity theft, and loss of money. A professional, unbiased opinion that understands these scams is crucial for your safety and to save you from losing money. Investigators are knowledgeable in detecting and handling online romance scams. They also make use of tools […]

Binary Options Trading Scams: How To Identify A Trading Scam

Binary options trading scams are all over the market today. Newbies usually fall for them due to their ignorance. Knowing the difference between a legitimate trading opportunity and a scam can be challenging. In some cases, these fraudulent schemes can look and sound so convincing that you consider them to be legit companies. When you […]

Forex Trading Scams: How to Detect and Avoid Them

If you are new to the forex industry, you may find it overwhelming. You may also be prone to forex trading scams due to the industry’s loose regulations. The forex trading industry has a daily volume of over $5 trillion. Just as it is seen in an unrestricted marketplace, scammers are lurking in the shadows. […]