How To Get Bitcoin Back From A Scammer

If you’re looking for how to get your Bitcoin back from a scammer, you’re in the right place. Bitcoin is considered to be secure. However, some unforeseen circumstances may occur. Even pro traders have lost their cryptos or had them stolen. Until recently, it felt as if there was little or nothing anyone could do […]

Binary Options Trading Scams: How To Identify A Trading Scam

Binary options trading scams are all over the market today. Newbies usually fall for them due to their ignorance. Knowing the difference between a legitimate trading opportunity and a scam can be challenging. In some cases, these fraudulent schemes can look and sound so convincing that you consider them to be legit companies. When you […]

Have You Been Scammed By Quotex? We Can Get Your Money Back

It can be very complex to challenge binary options brokers and mistakes can be costly. Global Assets Refund analyzes cases and assists clients throughout the whole fund recovery process. In the first 20 years of the 21st century, the internet became a hub for binary options scams and frauds. Maybe you were attracted to a binary […]

Have You Been Scammed By 365 Capital Markets? We Can Get Your Money Back

Unfortunately, scams are very common in the field of online trading. So we feel the need to help victims recover their funds. If you suspect that something is a scam, it is advisable to stay away from it. One of such scams is 365 Capital Markets. 365 Capital Markets is an online trading broker that […]

Have You Been Scammed By FXT brokers? We Can Get Your Money Back

FXT Brokers is an online trading broker that scammed people of their hard-earned money. To avoid being scammed by companies like this, you need to do your homework to separate the legit ones from scams. After conducting some research on social media and trading forums, we discovered that some users had an unpleasant experience with […]

Forex Trading Scams: How to Detect and Avoid Them

If you are new to the forex industry, you may find it overwhelming. You may also be prone to forex trading scams due to the industry’s loose regulations. The forex trading industry has a daily volume of over $5 trillion. Just as it is seen in an unrestricted marketplace, scammers are lurking in the shadows. […]

Have You Been Scammed By Gtlot? We Can Get Your Money Back

Cryptocurrency scams, such as Gtlot, are becoming more rampant as cryptocurrency scammers are using social media to get new clients. It is more challenging to retrieve funds if they were paid using cryptocurrency but all hope is not lost. Here is how Global Assets Refund can help you get your money back from Gtlot if […]

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