Have You Been Scammed By Winbitx? We Can Get Your Money Back

If you have lost your hard-earned money with Winbitx, you don’t have to worry.

You are not the first to fall victim and will probably not be the last.

Even the most cautious investors make mistakes.

You should see this as an opportunity to learn.

Have you been scammed by Winbitx?

Help is available.

The team at Global Assets Refund comprises specialists that are dedicated to helping victims recover their funds from fraudulent online trading brokers (like Winbitx). We have helped consumers around the world to recover millions of dollars.


How Online Trading Scams Work

One of the commonest online trading scams involves luring victims with profitable trades and giving the investor an idea that they can make easy money.

Once they give the investor this false confidence, the fraudsters will market the idea of investing more money for higher returns to the victim.

When the broker discovers that they have collected all the funds the victim has, they will then suspend the account and the investor will not be able to have access to his or her funds in the account.

Many brokers will claim that they are regulated and will display fake licenses and addresses on their sites.

They do this to improve their credibility so that their victims will not suspect any foul play.

Ensure you verify a broker’s information through different sources.

You should also be diligent at all times whenever you are sending money via the internet.


How to Recover Your Funds from Winbitx

Dealing with the legal obligations involved while trying to recover your lost funds can be a daunting, frustrating, and complicated task.

You are most likely to have one chance to present your case to the appropriate financial institution; thus, you need to hire the service of a reputable and experienced fund recovery firm to help you present your case.

Here is where Global Assets Refund comes in.

If you’ve been scammed by Winbitx, we can help you fight them to ensure that your money is refunded.

We will do all the hard work required to build your case.

We will present your case to the bank or Credit Card Company and will also confront the scammer.


Our Procedure

Investing in online trading is usually associated with lots of risks.

In some cases, your loss may be due to the risks of trading while in most cases, it may be as a result of unlawful practice.

You need expert advice to know if you are a victim of an online trading broker scam.

Online trading is a gamble, thus it’s possible to lose the capital invested.

However, this does not mean that it is acceptable to lose money as a result of mishandled funds.

The first step that we take to help you recover your hard-earned funds is to report the scam broker.

This will allow the judicial authorities to intervene and freeze funds.

We will take the following steps to ensure that we recover your funds:

  • We will report the scam broker to the necessary authorities.
  • If you used a credit card for the payment, we will get in touch with your bank to block the transactions.
  • We will confirm if the broker is regulated so that you can depend on the supervisory body of the country.
  • Finally, we will hire a lawyer that is adept at online trading (since such a professional will know how to present the legal aspect of your case).


Fund Recovery Guidance

Here at Global Assets Recovery, we have combined the experience of our professional fund recovery managers, fund recovery experts, and lawyers to help you get back your money.

After getting in touch with us, we will assess your complaint and through the help of our experts, we will come up with a fund recovery plan for your case.

If your case is valid for a refund, we will navigate you through the best route for recovery.



One of the methods that we use to get back your money is a chargeback.

This involves the retroactive cancelation of a charge that you executed with your credit card, wire transfer, or other types of payments.

By designing a compelling chargeback strategy, you can have a high chance of getting back some or all of your lost funds.

Using a reliable service, such as Global Assets Refund, is crucial while going through this process because a chargeback process is complex without the right help.

Be mindful of those that contact you without soliciting their help to recover your funds.

In some cases, scammers target victims of other scammers to help them recover their lost funds.

There is an increase in the reports about the acts of bogus law firms and non-existent investor compensation funds; these organizations claim to help people get back their funds but they have nothing to show for their claims.

Scammers’ emails and phone calls are usually filled with inaccurate information.

They arrive from nowhere with an offer without you contacting them.

They can also work to discredit legitimate fund recovery companies that want to help their clients recover their funds.


Our Result

Global Assets Recovery helps those that have fallen victim to the fraudulent online trading scheme designed by Winbitx.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you need legal advice on getting your funds back from online trading broker scams.

Since the process involved in each scam is different, our experienced experts will use a tailor-made solution that will address your specific condition (irrespective of what your situation is). We don’t make bogus promises, so if your situation will not be productive, we will let you know.

Global Assets Recovery also provides free consultation to those that have been scammed by fraudulent online trading schemes.

You can also contact us for information on scam brokers and scam reports on various online trading brokers.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you get your hard-earned funds from Winbitx.


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