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Our Inspiration

Global Refunds Solution LLC detected the alarming and exponential trends on online scams and fraud related activities perpetrated through the internet, we decided to be the vanguard of funds recovery, our achievements includes innovative solutions, patented ideas and technologies and tactical dispute strategies to internet scam to effectively manage charge backs. After using the charge back and dispute resolution sysytem on our business, we hahve decided to be the defendant of the common internet user, sharing our wealth of knowledge and expertise with fellow merchants who had lost to internet scam and help them with internet scam fund recovery solutions.

Our People

Our principles have maintained distinguished careers in law, law enforcement, finance, forensics, military, intelligence and commerce.

Over the course of forty years we have established exclusive partnerships across the global intelligence community to facilitate our capability to
pursue and resolve the most complex of scenarios. Our experience and unique insights enable Global Assets Refunds LLC. to work at the forefront of global crime prevention and resolution.

The Executives

JAMESON PEITH – is a Senior Consultant with the Ernst & Young Fraud Investigation and Dispute Service Department based in Frankfurt, Germany. Being a former military intelligence officer, he is today specialised in all intelligence related aspects of fraud and asset tracing investigations.

Jameson PEITH

Chief Forensic Officer & Founder



Data Analyst

MARKUS J. MORGOVIC is a Data Analyst and IT Officer in the Financial Intelligence Unit, Principality of Liechtenstein. Since 2001, Markus has been a member of the Training and IT Working Group of the Edmonton Group. Trained in operational crime analysis, forensic computing and combating cyber crime techniques, Markus had a long career in law enforcement as an investigator at cantonal level and at federal level as Head of General Crime Unit of the Federal Criminal Police, in Brussels , Belgium . Markus has implemented a number of IT projects and developed training programs internationally for developing countries in the areas of financial intelligence, operational, tactical and strategic crime analysis.



 Fraud Examiner

IAN ATKINSON – is a United Kingdom Senior Crown Prosecutor. He spent 14 years prosecuting criminal activity ranging from fraud to murder before transferring to Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) headquarters in London in 2001 to undertake criminal justice policy work and specialised work on human rights. In May 2007, he was seconded by the CPS to International Agency for Asset Recovery (IAAR), where he continues to provide legal and practical expertise in the growing field of international asset recovery.


Nina Ntala

Litigator & Security Analyst

NINA NTALA is a Senior Partner at Kibs & Kobes and heads the firm’s specialist Commercial Litigation/Civil Fraud and Asset Tracing Team. He specialises in international and domestic civil and commercial fraud litigation, asset tracing/ recovery, regulatory, insolvency and trust litigation. Nina is recognised as one of the leading experts in civil fraud and asset tracing with extensive experience at the cutting edge of domestic and international fraud and asset tracing litigation (including the use of emergency procedures (freezing orders, search and seizure orders, passport orders). She is frequently engaged in multi-jurisdictional actions in the USA, continental Europe and worldwide.

Our Refunds Team

Based in the United Kingdom, we partner with intelligence agencies and highly professional investigative teams globally who use ethical and lawful means, proprietary sources, criminal and financial records, discreet intelligence and dark-net resources (otherwise unobtainable in the UK) in order to protect our clients’ personal or commercial interests. Our unique insights place Sentry Intelligence at the forefront of global crime prevention and resolution.

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Absolute transparency, integrity, vision and understanding underpin the foundation of our organisation.