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Scammed by Olsson Capital? We Can Help

Have you been scammed by Olsson Capital? Read on to discover how Global Assets Refund can help you get back your money.


Not all brokers are fraudulent. However, the online trading industry is a breeding ground for fraudsters. In some cases, companies that help to get refunds cannot help. It is important to hire the service of a reliable and experienced fund recovery company to help you get back your money from a scam broker within a short period. Here is where Global Assets Refund comes in.


Olsson Capital operates under illegitimate business processes and the company is suspected to be a scam broker. Global Assets Refund recommends that you don’t trade with Olsson Capital if you’ve not had any dealings with them.


If you have been scammed by Olsson Capital and you want to get a refund, then you need to hire the service of a reliable fund recovery company. Some people think they can go through the fund recovery process alone. However, the chance of getting your money back can only be increased when you work with fund recovery professionals. In this article, I will discuss how Global Assets Refund can help you get your money back if you have been scammed by Olsson Capital.


Our Approach

Here at Global Assets Refund, we use the best methods to learn about the tricks scam brokers, such as Olsson Capital, use to deceive their victims. We have a team of top-notch private investigators that helps us to uncover the truth behind every scam operation. After understanding how your money was lost, we create the right plan to recover it. We produce fast and reliable results to ease the process of getting back your money.


Our service provides many benefits. We make it easier for you to get a chargeback with your funds returned to your credit card. We can also help you recover your money from fraudulent brokers (like Olsson Capital).


Fund recovery involves lots of arguments on the phone, back and forth, and frustration. It is important to have the support of Global Assets Recovery so that you can be in a better position to get a refund. Our specialty, support, and expertise will increase the chance of getting your money back.


If you have been scammed by Olsson Capital, we can help you get your money back through the following processes:


Gathering of Evidence

This is the first step in the fund recovery process. We can help you gather evidence about the fraudulent company and the communication you had with them. This means the name, address, and other contact details of the scam broker. If the information the company provides about itself is false, we will track down the accurate information.


Although it may take time to find the emails, audio messages, texts, and documents that show the interaction you had with the company, it is important to find them because they will help us to carry out a thorough investigation.


When we have the necessary documentation (as well as your credit and details of police or regulator complaints), we will proceed with the investigation.


Filing Police Complaint

Filing a police complaint is an important step that you need to take if you want to get your money back from Olsson Capital. Although the police receive lots of complaints about internet scams, there are certain cases where they are successful in arresting the perpetrators of scams. You can report your case to the law enforcement authorities through the following avenues:

  • Attorney General
  • Local law enforcement
  • Federal law enforcement, and
  • District Attorney


To file a report, simply go to your local police department. This may be the first step in several steps in this process. You can also report to your District Attorney or the Consumer Protection Unit and Prosecution Unit to file your complaint.


Since financial fraud is a major concern for the Consumer Protection Unit, it is important to report to them. There are cases where the FBI and other federal authorities get involved in investigating these scams.


Reporting to Regulators

Regulators are charged with the task of ensuring that the merchants and brokers they oversee are not involved in fraudulent acts. The credibility of regulators is on the line if any broker they license is found to be fraudulent. This is why complaining to a regulator plays a key role in ensuring the success of the fund recovery process.


In addition to complaining to a regulator, our connection and experience in working with regulators will also increase your chance of getting your money back. We understand the fund recovery process. Hence, we can help you discuss with a regulator and let them know that their reputation is on the line. This will make the regulator penalize the scam broker; thereby improving the chances of retrieving your money.


The ability to report to a regulator shows why you should work with regulated brokers. If you send money to an unregulated broker (such as Olsson Capital), regulators may not be able to do anything. This is why such brokers are not regulated in the first place (so that they can get away with their scam). If such brokers do something fraudulent, they believe they can get away with it. However, Global Assets Refund can prove such brokers wrong.


Our Result

Global Assets Refund is a team of fund recovery experts that will fight for you to get your money back from scam brokers. We do all it takes to successfully retrieve your money. As fund recovery specialists, we have lots of successful cases and have recovered millions for our numerous clients.


Our professionals come from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise. We will create a comprehensive report that will help you get your money back from Olsson Capital. We will consult with you to gather evidence and also help them report to the police and regulators. We have helped thousands of clients uncover scams and get justice.


If you have been scammed by Olsson Capital, talk to one of our experts today to discuss your specific needs and also create a plan for retrieving your funds.

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