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Scammed By AG Markets? We Can Help

Have you been scammed by AG MArkets? You can still recover your money. Read on to discover how Global Assets Refund can help.


If you’ve been a victim of an online scam, then you’re probably depressed or angry and feel like your life is coming to an end. It is possible to recover your funds.


AG Markets was established by Carlos Ferrer in 2013. The company claims to be a firm that is into trading but it is not registered in the Financial Service Provider Register (FSPR). The Financial Markets Authority has also included the broker in the list of scammers.


If you’ve lost your money to AG Markets, do not panic. You are not the first to be in such a situation and won’t be the last. The good news is that Global Assets Recovery can help. Our team is dedicated to helping people recover their funds stolen or lost online. We are always available to help consumers recover their money.


In this article, I will walk you through how the funds recovery professionals at Global Assets Recovery can help you recover your hard-earned money from Ag-markets.


Our Procedure

Here at Global Assets Recovery, we have just one mission; to protect you from scams online. We help victims of online trading scams recover their money with our team of recovery specialists, fund recovery experts, and scam money recovery professionals.


As a fund recovery service provider, we provide information, support, advocacy, and solutions for clients that want to get their money back from fraudulent brokers. We use our expertise to create fund recovery reports and inform consumers of scams.


We have a detailed collection of reviews of brokers so potential customers can contact us to know the legitimacy of any company before signing up. We also carry our funds recovery investigations to assist people that have been targeted by scams.


Our specialists have the qualifications and experience to deal with financial service providers, regulators, and legal authorities. They are adept at tracking down fraudulent activities and are also well-versed in the different methods that scammers use. More so, they use advanced data tracking tools to find the perpetrators of fraud even if they try to disguise their identity.


The funds recovery service that Global Assets Recovery offers is both investigative and consultative in terms of its approach. Our unique approach enables us to help victims retrieve their money from fraudulent brokers and trader scams. We specialize in handling trading scams and also offer a lending hand in providing refunds to the targeted victims by using arguments and disputes, digital fingerprints, analysis of internet transactions, and in-depth investigations.


When Global Assets Refund receives a complaint from those that have been scammed, we immediately swing into action by reviewing the details of the transaction. We carry out a detailed funds recovery review and scam recovery review of the victim’s claims. We also gather all pieces of evidence that can help us in the fund recovery process.


Furthermore, we ensure that the complaint is valid, while also adhering to the terms and conditions of the industry’s regulations to ensure a successful recovery of your funds from AG Markets.


Duration of Our Fund Recovery Process

If you’ve been scammed by AG Markets, recovering your money can be a short or lengthy process depending on how complex your case is. We will consult and support you, investigate your case, and also provide you with an estimate on the chances of getting your money back from AG Markets. We will also create fund recovery reports and pursue the case.


Our professionals will use their expertise, knowledge, and connections in the financial industry and with regulatory bodies to retrieve your funds. We will establish a fund recovery investigation to find those behind your lost funds.


Although financial recovery services return millions of dollars to victims every year, they cannot provide a full guarantee of success. Due to the complex nature of fraud, law enforcement officials find it hard to track down scammers. Using the fund recovery services of Global Assets Refund will increase your chances of retrieving your money after you have been scammed by AG Markets.


Companies like AG Markets have a long history of scamming people. They create the feeling that it is not possible to retrieve your money. We can help. Our experience in the fund recovery business will help maximize your chance of recovering your money.


Our Result

Global Assets Recovery comprises a professional team of financial, legal, and regulatory experts that use their expertise to help victims get their money back from regulated and unregulated trading platforms.


We have specialists for everything we are doing. So, when you get in touch with us, you need to understand that the person you’re talking to can be a legal, financial, or regulatory expert. When you tell us about your case, we are not only listening to you but also finding a solution to your case since we know and understand the laws that govern online trades and transactions. We will help you get back your money quickly because we know what we are doing.


Here at Global Assets Recovery, our team has experience working for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations all over the world. We have helped victims of financial fraud recover millions of dollars all over the world. Irrespective of the culture, language, and country, traders’ fund recovery is the same with international banking systems, taxation, credit card policies, and accounting.


We understand the pressure that you’re currently going through after being scammed by AG Markets or any other online trading firm. Our specialists know what works and what does not. We will do all it takes to ensure that we recover your money for you.


If you have been scammed by AG Markets, talk to one of our fund recovery specialists or online scam recovery professionals today and get started on the process of recovering your hard-earned money. Scammers tend to act quickly so don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can quickly start the process of tracking them down.

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