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Scammed by Excentral? We Can Help

If you’ve been scammed by Excentral, this guide will show you the steps Global Assets Refund takes to recover your funds.


Forex trading is a great opportunity for fraudsters and scam brokers to swindle innocent traders since it is the largest financial market.


Excentral is a broker that offers CFDs and Forex trading in more than 300 global instruments (such as stock, cryptocurrency, and commodities). The broker also offers automated and manual trading. The manual trading takes place on the MT4 platform and it is suited for spot forex trading.


Unfortunately, Excentral was discovered to be operating under some unethical methods because of its regulatory status and unfriendly terms of service. If you have experienced the following with Excentral, then it’s possible that you’ve been scammed and you need Global Assets Refund to help you recover your money:

  • The broker froze or blocked your account.
  • You are unable to log in to your account.
  • Money was taken out of your account.
  • The broker does not reply to your calls.
  • You cannot have access to Excentral’s website.
  • The broker took money from your account without seeking your permission, and
  • Excentral is asking you to deposit more money into your account after losing a huge amount.


If you’ve experienced any of the above scenarios, then you’ve been scammed. Read on to find out how Global Assets Refund can help you get your money back.


Our Procedure

Global Assets Refund has combined experience of professional fund recovery experts, financial recovery experts, and lawyers that help victims of scams. After a scam victim complains to us, we will assess the complaint and our team will decide the right course of action for the case. If the case can be fought to secure a refund or chargeback, we will work on it to ensure that you get your money back.


Why Choose Us?

Global Assets Refund uses existing regulations, customized solutions, and consumer rights to ensure that we offer you the most professional fund recovery service available. Once we establish that your case is valid, we will give you the information and instructions that you need for the refund process. We will both decide the course of action that is suitable for your specific situation so that we can successfully retrieve your stolen funds. Our service also includes a free consultation where we will give you the necessary information to start your case. Global Assets Refund will represent you before Excentral (and any other scam company), your bank, regulators, and other applicable entities.


Our team of intelligence analysts and banking specialists that are fully adept at offering anti-fraud services will ensure that you are in the best position to start the process of retrieving your funds.


Knowledgeable Industry Leaders

The Global Assets Refund team comprises experts that can solve cases of any form of complexity on both local and global scales.


Fast Processing

Global Assets Refund’s clients gain from our wide knowledge and experience. We will present your case before the bank or other financial institutions concerned to hasten the chance of recovering your money.


Our experts will use their efficiency and smart work to discharge their tasks so that you can get faster results.


Customized Dispute Resolution

Here at Global Assets Refund, we practice an approach that is specific to the needs of each client. This helps us to carry out a thorough analysis of each client’s case so that we can provide the best solution that our clients deserve.


Flexible Pricing

We believe in flexibility in terms of pricing our services. We are open to negotiations and also allow bargaining within a specific range, depending on the nature of the case and the situation on the ground. We treat each case individually, professionally, and with the maximum level of attention.


In a nutshell, to recover your money from Excentral, we will take these steps:


Review Your Claim

If you have been scammed by Excentral, we understand that you will feel helpless and powerless. When you report the case to us, we will review it to determine its validity.


Confront the Company Concerned

Once we confirm that your claim is valid, we will confront EXcentral on your behalf to get you the restitution you deserve. Also, Global Assets Refund will offer you the support you need throughout the recovery process. As a result, you will be informed by professionals that are experienced in tackling scams.


Recover Your Funds

The last step of the process is to recover your money. If your money was fraudulently taken by Excentral, we will help you recover it as soon as possible.


Our Result

Global Assets Refund is a fund recovery firm with vast knowledge in recovering funds stolen by scam brokers. We help clients to get back their money and return the stolen funds to their rightful owners. Our experts provide our clients with top-notch personalized solutions when handling all forms of financial fraud.


Our trained team of seasoned professionals has different skills when it comes to fund recovery. Global Assets Refund also has a team of specialists that are focused on cracking the toughest barriers so that they can intrude and capture the data our customers need to recover their stolen funds.


We will take time to understand your requirements so that we will know what threatens you and how we can save you from the situation. All processes will be done confidentially; we will not disclose any of your information to any third party. Our core values are built on faith and trust and we will always do anything it takes to uphold these values.


Unlike most fund recovery services that will leave you to figure out what to do on your own, Global Assets Refund keeps you updated throughout the fund recovery process. Our expert fund recovery company will support you anytime you need our help and we will also reply to all queries that relate to the fund recovery services that we offer.


If you’ve been scammed by Excentral, get in touch with us today to get started with your fund recovery process.

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