have you been scammed by glofinance

Have You Been Scammed By Glofinance? Get Your Money Back

Have you been scammed by Glofinance? This article will show you how to prevent further loss and how you can recover your stolen funds.


You recently discovered that you’ve been duped. Your investment with Glofininance was fraudulent. What will you do next?


You can protect yourself and assist others if do the right thing. Even though getting all of your stolen money back may be challenging, recovery involves more than just making up for your losses.


You can start the recovery process, report the situation, and prevent further theft by following the methods mentioned in this article. These procedures can also be completed on your own at little to no expense. But if you think you need help from a specialist, you can use the services of a reputable fund recovery company.


Your initial actions should be directed toward preventing additional losses and quickly acquiring any information you have regarding the scheme and its perpetrators. Then, file a police report as soon as you can. Even if you believe the issue is minor, the sooner you report it, the easier it will be for law enforcement agencies to find the fraudsters and stop other people from becoming victims.


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How to Protect Yourself from Further Losses

Don’t make any other payments

Although it may seem obvious, some scams get victims to pay one fee after another even when they have a suspicion that something is not right and after they’ve been promised huge returns. Online scams have become very prevalent. Trustworthy brokers will deduct commissions and fees from your account and not demand more funds to release your capital or earnings.


Gather all the necessary data and documents

Create a timeline, gather documents, and any other thing that may be useful when you need to report or investigate the case. Record the interactions you had with the scammers along with their approximate times and dates. Documents and data that should be gathered include:

  • The names, positions, or titles used by fraudsters
  • Online conversations, group posts, social media profiles, and other online activities.
  • Screenshots and links to websites
  • Email addresses and emails. Save these digitally or print them and be sure to include the entire header information.
  • The phone numbers from which you called them.
  • Account details, statements, confirmations of trades, and disclosures
  • Include the receipts or statements if credit cards were used.
  • The exchange of digital currencies such as bitcoin.
  • Documentation of payments made via various methods, such as money orders, wire transfers, prepaid card receipts, or canceled checks.


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Safeguard your accounts and identity

If you gave criminals your payment information, you should take the necessary steps to stop identity theft and stop them from getting into your accounts.


Credit cards

If you deposited into your account through your credit card, report the scam right away to your card issuers. You might be asked to obtain a new account number as part of the procedure.


Also, you can ask for a free security freeze. A security freeze makes it more difficult for identity thieves to open accounts in your name by limiting access to your credit file. To place a freeze, you must get in touch with each credit reporting agency separately. You must ask for the lifting of a security freeze.


Data from the bank’s automated clearing house (ACH)

Contact your bank or credit union right away if you provided the scammer with your bank account number or routing information. The account might need to be closed and a new one issued.


The Social Security Number

Place a fraud alert or credit freeze in place and report your information as stolen at identitytheft.gov on the FTC website. Be wary of scammers who tell you that your social security number is connected to unpaid taxes or other issues. Before making any payments, independently confirm claims with the IRS or creditors.


Logins and passwords

Update accounts with new log-ins as soon as you can if you signed up for access to a fraudster’s website using usernames or passwords that you use elsewhere.


Inform the authorities of the fraud

Report any suspected fraud involving commodity futures, options on futures, swaps, commodity pools, binary options, foreign currency, digital assets, or other derivatives to the appropriate authorities.


The Department of Justice maintains a directory that can be useful if you have encountered various forms of fraud and are unsure of where to file your complaint. Also, because federal agencies work closely together, your complaint will be sent to the right agency.


You could also notify the police and your district attorney if the fraud happening in your neighborhood. If you intend to submit an insurance claim for fraud losses, you might need to file a police complaint.


Our Procedure

Scammers are often quite persuasive. They aim to get our money or private information like Social Security or account numbers. They are also good at what they do.


Your money may already be gone if you paid a scammer. It’s always worth checking with the company you used to transfer the money to see if there’s a method to get it back, regardless of how you paid.


You can also improve your chances of receiving your money back by using Global Assets Refund. When you get in touch with us after you have been scammed by Glofinance, we will:

  • Keep you safe from additional dangers
  • Determine whether you can get a refund.
  • Report the scam to the appropriate authorities; and
  • Put in place the necessary fund recovery strategy. 


Our Results

Don’t lose hope if you’ve been scammed by Glofiance. The team at Global Assets Refund comprises a team of fund recovery experts who are committed to assisting customers in recovering the money they have lost online. We have assisted clients in recovering millions of dollars from all over the world.


Get in touch with us right away if Glofinance has taken your hard-earned money. We will walk you through the tried-and-true process that we will use to get your money back from Glofinance.

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