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Have You Been Scammed By Sushi Limited? We Can Get Your Money Back

Looking for how you can recover your money after being scammed by Sushi Limited? The most important step is to report the company’s suspicious activities.


Online trading is always a gamble. Hence, it is possible to lose the capital that you invest in it. However, this doesn’t imply that losses due to scams are acceptable.


Although no one can guarantee that you will get back what you lost, part of the investment can be recovered in most cases. The first thing you need to do if you want to recover your money is to report those involved in the scam. This will allow the authorities to intervene and seize the company’s funds where possible.


How to know that you have been scammed

Before we consider the procedure that Global Assets Refund uses in recovering stolen funds, let’s consider how you can know that you have been scammed.


There is a high chance that you have been scammed if you experience any of the following:

  • You are unable to withdraw funds from your account.
  • You cannot have access to your account information.
  • You cannot contact your broker.
  • You noticed some questionable behaviors in your broker.


In most cases, you usually realize that you’ve been scammed when you want to withdraw your earnings and you’re unable to do so.


Our Procedure

If you’ve been scammed by Sushi Limited, all hope is not lost. You can recover your money if you’re able to get professional help.


Here are the steps that you should take if you want to recover your money:

  • Report the broker to the appropriate authorities.
  • Request the transactions to be blocked, provided you use a credit card to make payment.
  • Get in touch with the supervisory body in your country, and
  • Hire the service of Global Assets Refund, because their professional fund recovery service will help you throughout the fund recovery process.


What are the chances of getting back your money?

Is there any hope of getting your money after being scammed by Sushi Limited?


Investors that report a fraudster can become beneficiaries of an Investor Compensation Fund. This explains why you need to report as soon as possible. You won’t get the necessary help if you remain quiet.


Be mindful of those that contact you to recover your money

Scammers can sometimes target you and disguise themselves as fund recovery professionals. There is an increasing report of non-existent investor compensation funds and law firms that are posing as fund recovery firms and scamming people of their hard-earned money.


The emails of these scammers (and phone calls) are often recognized by the inaccurate information that they provide. The scammers usually come to you with an offer without requesting their help. They guarantee their targets that they can help them recover their funds. This form of guarantee is impossible and even our professionals at Global Assets Refund cannot give this kind of promise. These scammers can even go as far as discrediting the services offered by honest firms.


A scammer that hides their capital in another country makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies to recover the scammed funds. However, it is not impossible, due to the network of collaboration between different supervisory activities that we now have.


There is no shame in falling victim to a scam, so don’t be scared to report your case. The complaint is necessary to stop the fraudsters from scamming other people. The supervisory authority has the power to shut down the scammer’s website to prevent the scam from progressing.


When you report your case to us, we will help you make an immediate report to the necessary authorities. This form of immediate report can help the authorities gather the greatest amount of useful information that can help with your case. Also, if you are still in touch with the scammer, the authorities have a higher chance of stopping them before they cut you off from all means of communicating with them.


If possible, use credit cards to make payments when you want to trade online. This makes it possible for the bank to activate a chargeback procedure.


Once again, don’t trust anyone that contacts you (without your consent) and promises to help you recover all your money.


Why should you rely on Global Assets Refund to get your money back?

From experience, we have learned that all is not lost. We have learned that brokers are not always scammers, and adopting a gentle approach can yield positive results.


We have also discovered that reporting a scam is not only enough. You also need the help of a fund recovery firm so that you can go through processes that you cannot go through on your own. The network of contacts and knowledge that Global Assets Refund has created over the years will help you get back your money if you have been scammed by Sushi Limited.


The investigative work that our professionals will carry out will give you a higher chance of recovering your money.


We understand that each scam is unique, irrespective of how similar they appear. With the help of our professional fund recovery service, we will design a tailor-made solution that will help in tackling your specific situation. We don’t make unnecessary promises. Hence, we will let you know if your situation will not be productive.


Our Result

Are you ready to recover your money from Sushi Limited? Global Assets Refund can help.


Here at Global Assets Refund, we focus on helping victims of online trading scams to fight and recover their money. Whether you are a victim of fraudulent cryptocurrency or Forex trading platforms, our fund recovery solutions will increase your chances of getting back your money. We are experienced in this field due to the far-reaching network of investigative associates that we have built over the years.


Contact us today to find out more about how our professionals can help you recover your funds after being scammed by Sushi Limited.

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