A competitive advantage to outmanoeuvre rivals

A competitive advantage to outmanoeuvre rivals

How do I gain a competitive advantage?

The answer to this question is determined by the type of competitive advantage you are seeking. Furthermore, the process you implement to achieve your objective will vary upon your target and the information you need to achieve the outcome you want.

Regardless of your intention, your first step is to carefully consider your desired outcome. Secondly, you will develop a clear and defined strategy to secure your outcome. Your well planned and coherent strategy will consider:

  • your ‘end goal’ (what you need to achieve and why)
  • how you will use your competitive advantage
  • how will your competitive advantage affect your commercial objectives
  • what the consequences may be when you disclose your findings and how will you protect yourself and/or your organisation as a result of disclosing such findings
  • how will you overcome and counteract retaliation to your findings (prepare in detail how to overcome every possible objection).

Commercially, you may wish to deploy your competitive advantage to:

  • expose wrong-doing in an individual (for example inappropriate behaviour, fornication, competitive alliances or to identify links to criminal activity either directly or through known associates)
  • identify corporate malpractice (including fraud, embezzlement, concealed assets in off-shore accounts or share-holdings hidden by or within corporate structures).

When searching for a competitive advantage ‘information’ is critical. Information can expose weakness and vulnerability in your target and can be used to positively manipulate your position.

Hold the ‘Ace Card’

Holding the ‘Ace Card’ means that you have:

  • established your ‘end game’
  • developed a well informed and indisputable strategy to achieve your end game
  • considered and are fully prepared to counteract all objections
  • established that your personal and/or commercial stance will not be negatively effected by the outcome.

How do I get the ‘Ace Card’?

You can hold the Ace Card by having access to information that is not available through normal channels – better still, information that is obtained through channels that your competitors can not access. This position of strength secures results, can play an integral role in corporate strategy and is the first step towards ‘getting what you want’.

It’s time to change your interpretation of ‘due diligence’

The term ‘due diligence’ is used (all too generally) as a means of establishing facts relating to an individual or to confirm assets/liabilities in commercial potential. I use the word ‘generally’ because companies offering due diligence-related services can only access 14% of available public data and deliver only a ‘general’ or informed opinion, not ‘facts’. You can only secure your competitive advantage by substantiating facts, not opinions.

Global Assets Refunds works in partnership with intelligence agencies globally. They have access to more than 90% of data therefore deliver ‘Facts’, not opinions. The true scale of their organisation enables them to put ‘boots on the ground’ (using highly trained ex-military resources) any where in the world to achieve an outcome.

With the ability to dig deeper than any commercial organisation in the United Kingdom the unparalleled services provided by Global Assets Refunds can be used to secure your competitive advantage.

Whether you are seeking information to appraise an organisation ahead of merger/acquisition, verify an investment opportunity, gain a political advantage or to secure your position during litigation or negotiation, having access to information that is sourced through and verified by intelligence-led investigations, not ‘hearsay’ will secure your upper-hand, your ‘Ace Card’ and our desired ‘outcome’.

As well as Business Intelligence, Global Assets Refunds services expand to:

  • Due Diligence
  • Money Laundering/Asset Recovery
  • Investment Fraud
  • Tailored Investigations

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