Have You Been Scammed By Quotex? We Can Get Your Money Back

It can be very complex to challenge binary options brokers and mistakes can be costly.

Global Assets Refund analyzes cases and assists clients throughout the whole fund recovery process.

In the first 20 years of the 21st century, the internet became a hub for binary options scams and frauds.

Maybe you were attracted to a binary options website by a pop-up advert or a social media ad.

You clicked on the ads and came across a well-designed, professional presentation that promised you:

  • A quick and high ROI with an immediate bonus, and
  • An easy-to-use online binary options platform

You registered on the site and was later contacted by one of the site’s representatives, who referred to himself as your ‘broker.’

You later transferred funds and soon found yourself trading foreign currencies or stocks, commodities, and indices.

The so-called broker even offered to provide personal coaching and recommendations to help you out.

Although legit, government-regulated online brokerages exist, we have more dubious and fraudulent ones- especially those that offer binary options (such as Quotex) who build their business models on scamming unsuspecting investors on the internet.

Our Procedure

Global Assets Refund is primarily focused on helping people that lost their money to fraudulent trading and investment schemes, such as fraudulent binary options brokerage.

We are familiar with most unregulated brokers and understand how they operate.

We are also familiar with the banks and the bureaucracy of the credit companies.

In most cases, we have access to the owners of the companies in question.

In some cases, even before we reach out to the relevant authorities, we contact the owners of the scam companies and threaten them with lawyers.

Since the scammers do not want to be revealed for their fraudulent acts, they are more likely to refund the scammed funds in a settlement.

Our fund recovery process is divided into the following steps:

  • The client will get in touch with us via phone or email to provide all the required details so that our representative can have an in-depth knowledge of what happened.
  • We will pursue cases that are worth being pursued. If the case has a low chance of being successful, we won’t accept it. We only work on cases that we are sure we will win. Our success rates attest to the effectiveness of our fund recovery solution.
  • We will deploy a multifaceted approach to resolve the problem. We will confront the credit card company and processing companies with lawyers. We will also send a well-written letter to the concerned banks and the ombudsman of the back (if the need arises).
  • Depending on how complex the case is, as well as the number of financial authorities that are involved in pursuing the case, we may need to wait for about 1 month to 6 months. We can help you recover your funds but it takes time. You need to understand this so that the process can flow seamlessly.
  • Once we get an answer from the financial authorities and we reach a settlement, your money will be refunded back to your account via chargeback or a recall. Global Assets Refund will charge a small fee for the job done.

Why choose global assets refund?


Global Assets Refund is a fund recovery company that encourages diversity in the workplace.

We make use of different thinkers, different approaches, and unconventional techniques to address conventional challenges.

This diversity helps to create a creative environment that yields results.

The diversity also gives room for advancements and also helps us to create new ways to help clients retrieve their stolen funds.

We always come up with new ideas, new goals, new perspectives, as well as new inspiration to offer the fund recovery solutions that will give you the result you deserve.


Everything we do at Global Assets Refund, we ensure we don’t compromise on professionalism.

We always hold our staff to a professional standard in our work environment.

Professionalism is a core value that we set for ourselves as a company.

We emphasize the experts we hire and how they work to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible.


Global Assets Refund is very transparent to clients.

We provide a well-detailed price breakdown and also adhere to a transparent internal process that will give you the knowledge you need to legitimately get your stolen funds back.

Here at Global Assets Refund, we expect from ourselves what we expect from others.

That is why we honestly express ourselves through our transparent approach to offering fund recovery services.


The more we perform our services with integrity, the more we attract clients that value integrity.

These are the types of clients that we want. Clients that have integrity are appreciative and honest.

We are serious and will not waste your time while helping you to recover your funds, and we value clients that appreciate this process.

Tackling complex financial investments like binary options is a daunting task.

The process requires an expert that understands the rules and laws governing the industry.

It also requires more than a single profession like psychologists, lawyers, and tech experts.

This is what the experts at Global Assets Refund provide.

We are well-trained, skilled, and experienced fund recovery professionals that are always available to fight your case and retrieve your stolen funds.

Since we are acquainted with the industry and we understand how the whole process works, we have a high chance of recovering your money back from binary options scams (like those offered by Quotex).


Global Assets Refund guides thousands of people every year that have lost their money to all forms of scams.

We consult with clients throughout the world and we deploy our expertise and connections with top fund recovery professionals to help our clients get back their hard-earned money.

You must find the right fund recovery company to ensure that your stolen funds are refunded, and Global Assets Refund has the resources and knowledge required to fight your case.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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