Have You Been Scammed By Gtlot? We Can Get Your Money Back

Cryptocurrency scams, such as Gtlot, are becoming more rampant as cryptocurrency scammers are using social media to get new clients.

It is more challenging to retrieve funds if they were paid using cryptocurrency but all hope is not lost.

Here is how Global Assets Refund can help you get your money back from Gtlot if you were scammed by the company.

Investors are getting more optimistic about blockchain technology and some are going as far as predicting that people will soon start paying with their Bitcoin wallets only by 2030.

It’s however disheartening that every new invention comes with a downside.

The scams in the crypto market are alarming because there is no way to trace or recall a payment once it has been made.

For instance, if you transferred Bitcoin to the wrong person, it cannot be recalled and the money paid is lost forever.

Fraudulent trading companies took advantage of this loophole to get clients to buy a cryptocurrency and then transfer it to a trading platform.

Armed with the latest tools and AI systems, Global Assets Refund uses the fund recovery expertise and knowledge of the financial world to provide professional fund recovery services.

Irrespective of the type of online scam that stole your money, we possess the skills and proficiency to trace, track them down, and recover your money.

Our Procedure

When you transfer money to someone through bank transfer, the bank will have the transfer on record and can easily recall it to your account if the need arises.

The process is different for cryptocurrency.

When you buy cryptocurrency, you will be given a specific code and this code cannot be traced once the transfer is made.

The only way you can get your money back is if the scam company decides to offer a refund.

The refund given will not be the initial cryptocurrency that you transferred to them.

Rather, the company will give you cash that is equivalent to the value of the cryptocurrency that you lost.

Global Assets Refund can help you get your money back if you were scammed by Gtlot.

Here’s how:

Reviewing your claim

The first step of the fund recovery process is to carefully review your claim. This step is important because we don’t want to waste our resources on cases that cannot be resolved. Also, we don’t want to give false hopes to clients. So, we try as much as possible to make it clear right from the outset the chance of you winning the case and how long the process will take.

Once we review your case, we will make a decision. If you are satisfied with our terms, we will proceed to the next phase of recovering your money.

This claim review process is free. After contacting us with your issue, we will provide you with free consultations.

Gathering necessary evidence

This is a crucial step that plays a key role in resolving the dispute.

We will gather enough evidence to support your claim.

We will prove that the scam happened and that you were the victim.

We will also look for potential leads to the scam company.

We will gather every bank statement, e-mail, and phone number that will aid the fund recovery process.

Global Assets Recovery will also help you investigate the scam company (i.e. Gtlot).

We will find out who the owner is, where the company is based, and if possible, where the owner is keeping your money.

Approaching the companies

After gathering all the necessary evidence, we will proceed to the next step which is approaching the companies that can help you recover your money.

We will approach the brokerage, the merchant in charge of the transaction, and your bank.

We will represent you in all these places and also use our expertise and experience to submit the gathered evidence and manage to retrieve your stolen money.

This is a safer approach and it will also save you time.

After all, we are experienced in dealing with issues of this nature.

We know all forms of scams and all methods of resolving the dispute.

Getting your funds back

After we have submitted the documents to the right authorities, the only thing left is for us to help you claim your funds back.

Global Assets Refund will stay with you until the end of the fund recovery procedure.

We will claim your funds back since you are the owner.

You are the victim and we will do our best to ensure that you are compensated.


Global Assets Refund is an international investigative firm and we have helped over 350 clients throughout the world to recover over $500,000.

We have a team of 52 experts that have worked on over 1024 projects.

Our results have earned us a total of 10 awards thereby portraying us as the go-to company for recovering money from scam companies.

We help both individuals and businesses with funds recovery when they have been scammed by the people or companies they trust.

Schedule Free Consultation

If you lost money to Gtlot, kindly get in touch with us because we can help you.

Our trained team of seasoned professionals has different skill sets that will help you get your money back.

We house a group of specialists that are focused and have established authorities on various platforms.

Our well-trained staff hail from a proven track record and have scaled through the toughest barriers to capture the relevant information our customers need to retrieve their funds.

You can trust us to do all it takes to recover your funds.

We are aware of the challenges involved when dealing with a crypto scam company like Gtlot and we have the expertise required to get the desired results.

The core values that we adhere to in our firm are built on faith and trust.

Thus, we will provide swift support and will reply to questions that you have about our fund recovery services.

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