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Have You Been Scammed By Global Assets Refund Can Help You Get Your Money Back from

Do you want to get your money back from This article will show you how to recover your funds from is a comical broker; they want a $50,000 minimum deposit, yet they don’t provide a trading platform or refunds, and they’re not governed by any credible organizations. There is no justification for what this broker is doing; they are unquestionably a risky fraud and will vanish with your money as soon as they have the opportunity.


Keep reading to find out how Global Assets Refund can help you get your money back from


Regulation of Funds made a lot of claims regarding its location and licenses. Although the broker claims to be based in Canada, it is not subject to local financial authority regulation. They claim to be authorized instead by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize.


Since it does not claim to have a license from any of them, the broker has also included a link to the websites of all EU authorities without any explanation. An immediate scan of the IFSC register made it clear that it is also not licensed in Belize. This shows that the broker is lying about being regulated, which is a serious crime in the trading world. makes one more claim in the website’s footer: that it is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, despite not having a license.


This is much simpler to accept because the SVGFSA, the nation’s financial watchdog, only monitors the banking industry and has no authority over forex brokers. As a result, numerous scammers have established businesses there to evade local and international rigorous restrictions as well as government oversight. Brokers registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are typically exempt from harsh regulation and free to conduct business however they see fit. Since they don’t have to register transactions, money transfers into the country are hard to track down.


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Withdrawal of Funds

Your money is never secure with an unlicensed broker, so you should request a withdrawal as soon as possible. This is when it becomes complicated.


No matter whether you have profits or not, if you wish to withdraw money, they will put off the process for months. You won’t be able to file a chargeback after a six-month delay, and your money will be permanently lost. You will not get your money back, no matter how many times you insist on getting it. Also, if you agreed to the Managed Account Agreement, or MAA, which essentially gives them free reign to do whatever they want with your money, they will lose all of your money and won’t have anything left over to ask for.


Is Your Money Safe with

You should never invest with an unregistered broker. Why would a broker’s simple regulation be so difficult to achieve? Investing in unregulated brokers is a dangerous move.


To steal money from unwitting investors, poses as a reputable business. It is counting on the good name of an honest trade group in the UK so that it can steal from customers.


A significant issue with uncontrolled investment companies is the security of funds. They can act foolishly with ease since they are confident that no watchdog will hold them accountable.


Our Procedure: How Global Assets Refund Can Help You Get Your Money Back from

Chargeback ought to be your primary course of action. You should notify your bank or credit card provider that you were conned into depositing with an illegal trade company and that the business is refusing to refund your money. Although this is the simplest way to get your money back, it also has the biggest negative effects.


Chargebacks can increase your chance of getting your money back from since their relationship with the payment service providers would be ruined if there were lots of chargebacks. If you’ve never filed a chargeback, are confused about where to start, or are unsure how to present your case to your bank or credit card provider, we can assist you in doing so.


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There is no way to do a chargeback on a wire if you sent them one. Inform them that you will report them to the authorities and file a complaint. That will cause them to reconsider offering a refund. Another action you might take is to write an email or letter to the regulatory bodies. You might conduct a Google search to identify the organization overseeing Forex brokers in the nation where you currently reside.


Following that, you can write them a letter or email outlining how they duped you. If they don’t refund your money, make sure you show them this letter or email and threaten to send it to the appropriate regulatory body. Get in touch with our fund recovery specialists at Global Assets Refund if you are unsure of where to begin.


By posting negative reviews on other websites and providing a brief account of what transpired, you can further damage their reputation and prevent others from becoming victims. If you were a victim, leave a negative review about the broker. Additionally, when these people change their websites, they frequently call their previous customers. If this happens to you, please get in touch with us so that we can work with you to get your money back.


Our Result

Let us know if you or someone you know falls for the scam. The team at Global Assets Return is available to listen to you and help you with the refund process.


We understand how painful it may be to lose your money to Forex and cryptocurrency fraudsters. We are here to help you get your money back from because of this. Get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation so we can begin the chargeback procedure before it’s too late.

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