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Coolmuster iOS Eraser 2 32bit-64bit FULL Torrent

Coolmuster iOS Eraser 2


To prevent theft of your data from older iPads, icons and iPods when you sell, distribute or trade your device, Coolmuster carefully offers iOS Eraser, which erases all personal information, system settings, deleted files and more from devices zero recovery. Compatible with Features of 13. 13.

Erase the data fully on your iDevice without recovery

To protect your data from leaks, Coolmuster iOS Eraser can meet all of your full erasure and data needs on your iDevice and provide more space on your device.

Removal of existing personal data: personal data (bank records, passwords, financial data, etc.) and existing data (photos, videos, text messages, phone logs, etc.) can be permanently deleted without the risk of to recover.

Delete deleted files: Deleted files can also be deleted and re-released to ensure that the files cannot recover correctly.

Saver Space: This removes all useless files and accelerates your device, such as junk files and more.

Effective Use

iOS Eraser provides the best and safest data ability to delete all data from your iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Thanks to its advanced invention and scanning technology, all the data in your iDevice can be easily accessed and checked, including personal data, system settings, deleted files and much more.

It only takes 3 steps: connect your device, select delete level, start deleting data

Don’t know how to copy data from an old to new mobile phone because they come from different developers? Phone transfer is an amazing device that helps you transfer data from one device to another without damage. Item:

Direct content between different smartphones

Switch to a new phone and have trouble figuring out how to transfer data from an old phone to a new one? Make the conversion easier with Transmuster Mobile Transfer, which allows you to transfer shared data between two phones (Click to learn how to transfer photos between two Android phones).

Device Users: Compatible with phones and tablets running iOS and Android OS, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, Motorola and many more. Compatible with ATT, Verizon, Sprint and T-Phone, etc.

Support data types: Almost all file types can be supported from this phone to mobile data transfer, such as contacts, text messages, phone logs, calendars, Trip bookmarks, photos, music, videos, documents, uses, ebooks,

Link content by clicking on one

Whenever you decide to switch from your old mobile phone to a new smartphone or just bored with an old mobile phone you’ve been using for years and decide to try another mobile platform, Mobile Transfer is always the best choice for data compression between the two phones even runs on different OS, such as iOS and Android most popular.

ONE THREE! Just three steps like connecting two devices to your computer, checking the files you want to transfer and then completing the data transfer with one click, it’s easy to transfer all the files to the new mobile phone and Mobile Transfer.

Follow the instructions! Mobile transfers are only 100% readable and will not change your mobile data without your permission